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Christmas Stories told by Susan Klein

©1999 Susan Klein

THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS - by Clement C. Moore 3:10

MAKING ENDS MEET – By Susan Klein 14:32

A SCENT OF OILS – By Susan Klein 28:18

SILENT NIGHT with the Island Community Chorus 10:18

Heartfelt thanks to: the Island Community Chorus and director, Peter Boak, for lending voice to “Stille Nacht;” and to Joe Keenan for his guitar arrangement and accompaniment.

The ancients knew that hearing our family stories reminds us of who we are and inspires a healthy spirit. Wishing you all the very best of health in this holiday Season.

This recording is for my beautiful sister, Eleanor Amaral, who has cheered me on from the wings my whole life, and who, even against sometimes enormous odds, keeps Christmas for our whole family.

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